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Bike Engine Mini

bike engine mini

bike engine mini - Max-Torque Go-Kart

Max-Torque Go-Kart Parts Clutch 3/4" Hole #35 Chain for Mini-Bike Go-Cart 12 teeth

Max-Torque Go-Kart Parts Clutch 3/4" Hole #35 Chain for Mini-Bike Go-Cart 12 teeth

mfr: Max-Torque Product No: CLUTCH-35
Made by: Max-Torque
Manufacturer Part No: B1SB455

Shaft Size: 3/4"D-3/16" KWY
Made For: Mini-Bike Go-Kart up to 6 HP
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds
Condition: New
Can be held on using set screws or bolt and washer in end of shaft
The easiest way to tell what size chain that you have is to measure between the pins if it measures 3/8" that is a #35 chain if it measures 1/2" it would be #41 chain
This clutch is for a maximum RPM of 3800 it engages at 2200 RPM ***The clutch does not come with a set screw or the 3/16" keystock***

78% (6)

Trojan Mini Motor Restored on Raleigh Superbe 5 Img 5585

Trojan Mini Motor Restored on Raleigh Superbe 5 Img 5585

This is my Trojan Mini motor I have just finished restoring mounted on my Raleigh Superbe roadster of the same vintage (early 1950's). The front hub brake is off a 50's Macleans tandem. I will need to connect the front brake and sort out the lights. The bike has a Sturmey Archer four speed dynohub giving 6v AC, however the bike came with the predecessor to the Sturmey Archer dry battery unit (called an 'FSC' although I don't know what it stands for) which is a tube taking 3 'D' cells with a rectifier built in to the top to convert the AC to a DC voltage so when cycling, the dynohub powers the lights and charges the batteries. When you slow down, the batteries take over powering the lights as the dynohub voltage drops.

Trojan Mini Motor Restored on Raleigh Superbe 3 Img 5572

Trojan Mini Motor Restored on Raleigh Superbe 3 Img 5572

This is my Trojan Mini Motor which I have just finished restoring on my old Raleigh Superbe roadster whhich I have also restored. Now I just have to get it licenced with an age-related number plate, taxed and MOT'd (need to get a mirror and connect the front brake first!) and I'll be all set for my daily commute.

bike engine mini

bike engine mini

2002-2005 KTM 50 MINI ADV Dirt Bike Top End Engine Gasket Kit [For Stock Bore Size]

Cometic Top End Gasket Kits

Cometic MLS (multi-layer-steel) Head Gaskets are ideal for any combination of head and cylinder materials. MLS Head Gaskets are comprised of two embossed viton coated stainless steel outer layers and a variable stainless center layer. The variable center layer allows us to create multiple gasket thickness options. No re-torque is required after initial torque set.

Rubber coated single layer steel base gaskets are viton rubber coated with a steel core and in some instances embossed.

Cometic AFM material engine cover gaskets are made from a chemically blown compounded nitrile synthetic rubber that is bonded to an aluminum core. AFM material has a temperature resistance of over 250° F (121° C) and an 85% recovery while maintaining a strong torque retention. Gaskets made from AFM install dry and do not require a re-torque. Typical gaskets made from AFM include: cam chain gaskets, timing cover gaskets and water pump gaskets.

Viton valve stem seals are made from hi-temperature Flouroviton with Teflon to prolong valve stem life and have a spring on the wiper to maintain a positive seal.

Exhaust gaskets are made out of various materials, as required by model, such as armor clad, copper, graphite or spiral wound steel.

Copper washers and Viton o-rings are used to seal drain plugs and engine covers with stock o-ring seals.

**Note: Gasket Kit Will Vary in Appearance According to Application - See Item Title for Compatibility

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